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Six Critical Leadership Activities: Recognizing

"The following list identifies six activities that I consider critical to successful leadership."

Blog Post by: Epi Torres / remoteDBA experts / Feb 1, 2010


Strategic Recognition and Incentive Systems

Organizations are beginning to think strategically about incentive and recognition programs.

Written by Bob Saunders

Article appears in Marketing Times

The new incentive process is based on new technology, organizational demographics and the increasing importance of intangible assets such as branding, relationships, engagement and knowledge. 


About One-Third of Companies Ineffective at Rewarding Good Performance

“Firms that fail to reward great work risk losing employees to businesses that do invest in recognition programs.”

07/03/2007 -- WorldatWork Staff

Workers who feel their good work often goes unnoticed may have a case. More than one-third (35%) of professionals polled recently said businesses are ineffective at rewarding their employees’ strong performance. 30% of managers surveyed agreed.


Recognition Program
Measurement Seen Lacking

Written by a Staff Reporter of MOTIVATION STRATEGIES
Spring 2007

The institute for Corporate Productivity recently surveyed 265 organizations, finding that 73% have employee recognition programs in place.  However more than a third of that group (36%) say they don’t actually know if their employees are satisfied, while another 15% admit their employees aren’t satisfied at all.


12 Questions to Determine Employee Engagement

Spring 2007; Page 3

The Gallup organization has identified 12 questions to ask to determine if the level of employee engagement is where it should be.  The company says its “Q12” system is based on findings of hundreds of companies and millions of employees it has gathered data on in the past 20 years.


How do you reward your employees?

By Brian Parsley
Speaker - Consultant - Author

If you reward your employees, will they work harder? Will they become more loyal? If you reward your employees, does it set an expectation that you must continue?


The Best Ways to Recognize Employees...Research says praise should be individualized, deserved, and specific - by Tom Rath, Coauthor of How Full is Your Bucket? (Gallup Press)

Research says praise should be individualized,deserved, and specific
by Tom Rath Coauthor of How Full Is Your Bucket? (Gallup Press, August 2004)

Do you receive too much recognition at work? Over the past year, I have posed this question to a few hundred people. And I have yet to hear a single "yes." Not one. So it's not surprising that a recent Gallup Poll found that almost two out of three people receive no workplace recognition in a given year.


Praise From Peers Goes a Long Way...Recognition Programs Help Companies Retain Workers As Pay Raises Get Smaller - by Erin White, Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal

Recognition Programs Help
Companies Retain Workers
As Pay Raises Get Smaller

December 19, 2005; Page B3


Don't Fear Longevity: Celebrate It! - Bob Nelson, Return on People, The Baltimore Business Journal

Celebrate it! Celebrating anniversaries is an important way to acknowledge a long relationship between a company and its employees.

More than Money Needed to Motivate - and Retain Employees

By Stephen Miller, June 2005

[From SHRM's Compensation & Benefits Forum]

SAN DIEGO—Lack of recognition and praise is the No. 1 reason employees leave an organization, noted MeChelle Callen, SPHR, director of human resource development at Wishard Health Services in Indianapolis, during a Monday session at the SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition on why "Money Doesn't Buy Happiness—or Employee Loyalty."


Keeping Your People Pumped by Jack & Suzy Welch, Business Week - March 2006

When and individual or a team does something notable, make a big deal of it. Announce it publicly, talk about it at every opportunity. Hand out awards.


When Something Goes Right, Give Praise - It's Free and It's Effective by Bob Nelson, American City Business Journals

Columnist for Amerian City Business Journals

In today’s fast paced business environment, managers often tend to be too busy and too removed from their employees to notice when they have done exceptional work, or to thank them for it. Yet, now more than ever, employees need to be told by their managers that their efforts are appreciated, and that they play an important role in their organizations.


Outsourcing Recognition Programs Eases Admin Burdens

By: Joanne Sammer

SHRM, HR Outsourcing Focus Area

As outsourcing becomes a more widespread tool in HR management, recognition and rewards programs – designed to award employees for specific achievements – are taking their place among services better handled by outside specialist.


What Is Internal Branding and Why Is It Important?

Motivation Strategies – May 10, 2006

“Our employees are our brand.” Companies as diverse as Campbell’s Soup, Best Buy and T-Mobile now have management specifically in charge of linking internal marketing to external marketing activities in order to engage employees to help achieve corporate objectives.


Question The Answer, Money Motivates but Tangibles Drive Performance

As people become more critical to a company’s success, the overall reward package designed to attract, retain and motivate them takes on more significance.


Leverage the Middle and Dramatically Improve Channel Partner Performance

Many organizations focus all their efforts, including reward and recognition entirely on A players - send the top 10% on a
trip and hope that the entire organization works hard to be in that group. The reality is the majority of the outlets know they
don’t have a chance to win so they don’t even try.




"The deepest principal in human nature is the craving to be appreciated."
- William James