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Case Studies
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Food Distributor #1
  • Second largest broad line foodservice distributor (to restaurants and institutions vs. grocery stores) with over 30,000 employees
  • Program implemented in 1998 in with 9 locations at the time.
  • When the program was implanted, they reduced current budget by over 40% (realizing immediate savings).
  • Year 1 of the program produced an 18% reduction on Lost Time Accidents, a 42% reduction in Lost Work Days, and a 5% reduction in vehicular accidents
  • Company has grown to 75 locations since 1998, and moved from a centralized safety approach to a decentralized approach.
  • Program is endorsed by Safety Department and works in conjunction with training initiatives and an overall corporate recognition program (recognizing locations who meet corporate goals, as well as the top locations in each region).
  • Throughout the dramatic growth curve of the company, this company has been able to reduce accident frequency by over 30% since 2002.

Ten companies were recognized, including the “TOP Maryland Employer of Distinction” for both more than 500 employees…
"Sometimes what counts can’t be counted and what can be counted doesn’t count."
- Albert Einstein