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A Window Manufacturing Company Realizes Significant ROI

Client Overview/Goals

One of the largest and most respected window manufacturing companies was looking for a partner that could help it manage its initiatives. In the past two years, the number of preventable vehicular accidents had increased to an unacceptable number in the eyes of management, with associated costs well into seven-figures. Executives wanted a performance incentive and training program for the employees that would improve this situation.


A program was customized for this client to:

  • Elevate safety awareness with both drivers and managers.
  • Engage drivers and managers to achieve company goals in the areas of Safety. (Accidents/Injuries), Compliance, Training, Wellness and Onboard Computer Measurements.
  • Create a real-time reporting suite that will allow managers and executives to see driver and location performance based on the set program criteria.
  • Provide sustainable improvement that will correlate to a ROI resulting in significant savings.

A technology platform was implemented to communicate Program Rules, as well as to provide overall performance to management. The platform also hosted Computer-based Interactive Training modules, and it allowed participants to earn rewards for achieving goals.


  • Preventable vehicular accidents and associated costs were reduced 47% over the previous year, significantly beating the client’s target of 30%.
  • Exceeding company goals in Compliance.
  • Realized a 2.16% MPG improvement by increasing fleet MPG from 6.47 to 6.61 and driving more efficiently.
  • Training completion through the fleet was 97.5%.
  • ROI of dollars saved vs. program spend was 5.6 to 1.
  • Because of the great results in the first year of implementation, the client expanded the program to additional groups within the organization.


"I encourage you to meet with Bob and his Sports Marketing Team as you pursue looking at Championship rings. It was a good partnership." 

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