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The Tug-of-War Between Recognition and Engagement

Employee engagement principles provide the opportunity to turn recognition costs into investments by putting the focus on the end-result READ MORE »

The 12 Elements of Great Managing

12 Elements of worker engagement as defined by Gallup READ MORE »

Noncash Incentives Vital Components at Top Organizations

Cash is king when it comes to compensation, but it’s not the only game in town. READ MORE »

An Evening with the Legends

Above pictured is Nan Wooden and Coach K with the Legends of Basketball Award. Bob Saunders and Brian Sands, of Recognition Concepts, had the pleasure of attending the presentation of this award at th READ MORE »

Measuring the Impact of Recognition

As my management professor, Peter Drucker, used to say: "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it." Recognition is no exception. Justifying the time, effort, and expense of any recognition progr READ MORE »

The Capital: Annapolis reps help design Ravens Super Bowl ring

Brian Sands, left, and Bob Saunders of Annapolis joined forces with the Minnesota-based manufacturer Jostens to help design the 2012 Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl ring, right. Saunders also helped desig READ MORE »

Best-In-Class Firms Use Noncash Rewards to Drive Performance

Article from ESM: Engagement Strategies Magazine (Vol17, Issue1) READ MORE »

Engagement at Work: Its Effect on Performance Continues in Tough Economic Times

Engagement at Work: Its Effect on Performance Continues in Tough Economic Times: Key Findings From Gallup's Q12 Meta-Analysis of 1.4 Million Employees READ MORE »

Non Cash vs. Cash Incentives

The following is a summary of a collection of articles pertaining to non-cash incentives vs. cash incentives. The excerpts below display the relevant points to this topic. Full versions of these artic READ MORE »

Strategic Recognition and Incentive Systems

Incentive and recognition programs are shifting and the pendulum is more of a strategic approach towards culture, behavior, and measurement with a focus on a return on investment. READ MORE »

Social Recognition

In the world of talent management, social networks have been used successfully in knowledge sharing, the identification of skills and construction of teams, in recruiting, onboarding and certainly l READ MORE »

Employee Engagement: What’s Your Engagement Ratio?

The world’s top-performing organizations understand that employee engagement is a force that drives business outcomes. READ MORE »

Your Onboarding Partner

Onboarding is not simply the latest business jargon for orientation — here is the bathroom, here is the break room, sign these forms — and it’s not a static activity done for a day or a week. READ MORE »

Employee Engagement and Earnings Per Share: A Longitudinal Study of Organizational Performance During the Recession

This study combined company-level employee engagement data with earnings per share (EPS) trend data to assess the longitudinal relationship between the two. READ MORE »


"I am excited about how we can continue to grow in our recognition initiatives and show the direct correlation of recognition to increased excellence in service and productivity. We are most fortunate to have partners like you!"

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Mid-Atlantic Hospital’s Increase in Patient Satisfaction

A regional hospital in the Mid-Atlantic area with 2,500 employees was interested in an employee engagement platform that would drive patient satisfaction. READ MORE »